Giving Back to Our Community

Harbor Pacific has a proud tradition of supporting the communities we serve with product contributions to organizations that reflect our company’s values. In addition to our direct support, many of our Team Members volunteer their time and talents with schools, civic groups, professional and non-profit organizations.

We’re proud to provide ongoing support to a number of nonprofit organizations, including:


We appreciate the support we receive from our community, and are glad to give back. Because of the number of donation requests we receive, we’re only able to contribute to a limited number of causes, events, and organizations. To ensure your request is efficiently processed, please submit your donation requests 30 days prior to the date of your event. Donation decisions are made at the sole discretion of our management team.

Product Donations

Product donations make up the vast majority of our philanthropic efforts each year. We provide complimentary products to support community functions and organized events such as community non-profits and schools. We also contribute product free-of-charge to many local charitable organizations, recreational activities, and civic functions. To request a donation, please fill out and submit the Donation Request Form.

Sponsorship and Financial Donations

We do not typically offer financial donations. However, if you feel you have a project we would be interested in sponsoring financially, please fill out and submit the Donation Request Form indicating your needs.